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Memory Foam Pillow VENIXSOFT for CRIB 100% cotton pillowcase removable – MEDICAL DEVICE CLASS I – Made in Italy

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Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam Pillow fro crib

MEDICAL DEVICE CLASS I, Deduction of 19%

Measures 26 x 34 x 3 cm


Memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillow Made by innovative VISCO - ELASTIC CASANOVA® foam (memory foam)

The Visco-elastic foam perfectly adapts to the body shape and equally distributes the weight, supporting any position and relieving the natural pressure of the body.

Visco-elastic foam that, thanks to its special features of non-deformability, ensures excellent comfort and wellbeing. Is the friend of your dreams, providing the best support to your head. It gently shapes in a way that uniformly distributes the weight. An after use, it slowly and gradually returns to its original shape. Moreover, thanks to its special configuration, it sustains the vertebrae of the neck in the most natural position, ensuring a sweet and soft wake-up and energy charge every morning.

Is moulded in order to enhance the features of this special foam and to avoid any subsequent processing and the additional use of gluing substances. The Visco-elastic foam is manufactured in compliance with the highest public health and environmental protection standards. The Visco-elastic foam is ergonomic, hygienic, breathable, mite-free and is produced without CFCs.

Memory foam pillow dressed with pillowcase in 100% pure cotton with zipper

Information for washing: roll up the pillow, without removing the pillowcase, and tie it with laces.

The pillow provides ergonomic support for your child to prevent flat head syndrome (Plagiocephaly)

Support pillow that helps prevent deformation of the back of the head while lying on the back.

Medical Device Class I DIRECTIVE 93/42 / EEC Deduction of 19% of taxes (IRPEF) as medical expenses subject to medical prescription. For further information you can consult the site of the Office of the Health in the section "Detraibilità dei dispositivi medici", besides through the code present in the photo you can find our product

(For the deduction, send the Billing data to the email address info@venixsoft.it at the time of purchase)


  • The product is subject to developing yellowing areas for direct exposure to air and sunlight. The mechanical and physical characteristics of the product are not affected.
  • A period of adaptation may be necessary before getting used to this type of material and its characteristics.
  • The material would have a characteristic odor due to the packaging; the smell naturally vanishes by opening the package and arranging the cushion before using it.

Oeko-Tex certificate
LGA certificate


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